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Dichtomatik has many years of experience with seals in the hydraulic segment. Besides the classic area of hydraulic cylinders, this segment also embraces components such as hydraulic screw connections, pipelines, fluid filters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic directional valves, pressure control valves, stop and flow control valves, as well as hydraulic motors.

In addition to numerous other areas of application, Dichtomatik's main focus is on mobile and industrial hydraulics. Solutions for pressure ranges between 30 and 400 bar are required here.

For mobile hydraulics, these are: construction machinery (excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers), mini-excavators, tail lifts, agricultural machinery (tractors, front end loaders, attachments, combine harvesters), commercial vehicle construction and material handling equipment (forklift trucks). And for industrial hydraulics, they are: machine tools, clamping devices, signalling, transport and conveying systems, presses, handling and assembly technology, as well as testing and simulation technology.

Dichtomatik seals such as piston and rod seals, wipers, pressurisable rotary shaft seals, guide elements and damping elements are used here. Static seals include in particular O-rings, profile rings acc. to DIN 3869 and the SAE flange seals acc. to SAE J 518.

On the materials side, the main focus is on TPU polyurethane, NBR, fibre-reinforced plastic, PTFE and rubber fabric. Dichtomatik materials are characterised by their low tendency to swell in hydraulic media, high abrasion resistance, high stress resistance and high extrusion and wear resistance.

We work continuously on solutions for the various requirements in this segment. Whether it is standard hydraulic oils, flame-retardant pressure fluids, high temperatures, biodegradable hydraulic fluids, the prevention of stick-slip effects or the occurrence of high shear forces – Dichtomatik is the right partner.