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Substitution of our Oil Seal Compound NB707504

Our compound NB707504 will be substituted by the new compound NB707505.
The test results and reference values for the new compound we have on hand show in all properties an improved compound and product quality. In the course of the compound conversion the dynamic sealing characteristic has been improved. It has been possible to realize an obviously reduced abrasive wear at the sealing lip and the shaft itself. The consequence is a high life expectancy. Furthermore the new compound shows a distinctly improved resistiveness against aggressive operation oils and lubricants.

To fulfill our obligations concerning the Directive 1907/2006/EC (REACh) future-orientated the substitution of NB707504 by NB707505 will be executed by now. NB707505 does not contain any substances that might generate e.g. carcinogenic nitrosamines.