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Coronavirus update

Update 27.03.2020

A local “Dichtomatik crisis team” in Hamburg is constantly monitoring the current situation and taking further preventive measures where necessary. At this stage, we have already taken appropriate precautions and adapted our daily operations to the current circumstances. This has not led to any reduction in our performance, however. In order to keep the risks of a potential infection with the Coronavirus as low as possible for our employees, the majority of our employees are currently already working from their home offices and can be reached there. In the area of warehousing, we benefit from our large stock and can therefore best intercept restrictions with individual suppliers. Preventive measures have also been taken here to protect the workforce while maintaining the proven service.

Should changes in the supply flow nevertheless become apparent on our side, we will inform the respective customers immediately and directly. In addition, the Dichtomatik website provides regular updates on the current situation regarding the Coronavirus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We thank you for your understanding.