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Any seal. Any time.

Static applications

StatischThe whole range of static seals – o-rings, cords, x-rings, cover seals, bonded seals, etc. – are available in any concievable dimensions – metric, imperial and other international standards. The large number of materials fulfil all requirements and also have certification in accordance with DIN-DVGW, KTW, WRAS, FDA, NSF, ACS.

Rotating movements

RotatorischStandard design rotary shaft seals, with or without protective lips, in the materials: NBR, FKM are part of our range as are special designs with elastomer fully-coated metal bodies, double protective or sealing lips and reinforced sealing lips for higher pressures.

Non-mould production, largest diameters, modified materials (VMQ, EPDM, ACM etc.) and adaption to the required application are as much part of our production spectrum as v-rings, axial seals, shaft sleeves and rotary seals for rotating and swivelling movements.

Translational movements

TranslatorischPiston and rod seals, u-rings, wipers, guide strips and rings for hydraulics are available from stock in all the standard dimensions – in the materials: NBR, PTFE, TPU, hard fabric and elastomer fabric, symmetric or asymmetric, with and without additional springs. Application specific changes of design or material can also be effected.

Function and life of a hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder are decisively dependent on the coordination of the seal element used. Our experience in combining seals, guides and wipers to form a system have a very positive effect on the service life.