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Cassette seals

At Dichtomatik, cassette seals are special models that are available on request only.

Product group: Cassette seal
Seal material: NBR 70, FKM 80
Colour: black, brown

Areas of application
Cassette seals are highly rigid and robust sealing systems. They are employed for very heavy duty use and in dirty environments, e.g. commercial vehicles, materials handling equipment, and agricultural, forestry and construction machinery.

Frequent uses:
Hubs, prop shafts, wheel bearings, drive shafts, axles.

Cassette seals are fully encapsulated and on the inside they form a grease-filled labyrinth with several sealing and dirt lips (radial and axial). The main sealing lip is spring-energised. In this way the penetration of dirt, mud, water and dust is effectively prevented. The grease filling reduces wear, increases service life and thereby extends maintenance intervals for heavy-duty applications. The cassette seals also contain a fully pre-treated sealing contact surface. This means that the shaft does not have to be specially hardened and grounded. Additional dirt seals are not required either.

Cassette seals are designed for the sealing of grease and oil on the machine elements named above.

NBR 70 – good chemical resistance to numerous mineral oils and grease.

FKM 80 – mineral oils and greases, synthetic oils and greases, engine, gear and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, broad chemicals and solvents resistance.

Dichtomatik's cassette seals are self-contained sealing systems that guarantee simple installation thanks
to the integrated contact surface.

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