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Dichtomatik is a modern trading company that has built a global network of leading manufacturers to hold one of the world's largest product portfolios for industrial standard seals. The product requirements in Hamburg are controlled by the technical department, which has a unique technical competence.
The Dichtomatik head office and logistics hub in Hamburg distributes and markets the seal assortment worldwide via local locations or via distribution partners.

Dichtomatik AB with office and own warehouse in Landskrona is responsible for the distribution and marketing of the range of industrial seals and plastic protection components in the Scandinavian market.

Dichtomatik's product range includes seals for rotating, translational and static functions, which in the order of functions listed include radial seals, hydraulic seals and O-rings. We cover the entire range of functions and can offer the entire customer requirement in every application worldwide.


Box 142
Hjalmar Brantingsväg 25

Tel.:  +46 418 449800
Fax:  +46 418 449820

Mail:  mail@dichtomatik.se