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Dichtomatik uses elastomers, rubber/fabric materials, thermoplastic elastomers TPEs, thermoplastic and hard fabric materials as sealing materials for the hydraulic programme.

The elastomers are differentiated by the basic polymer used and defined according to DIN ISO 1629 and ASTM D 1418, e.g. NBR for acrylnitrile butadiene rubber and FKM for fluoro Elastomer. The finished compounds are made by mixing the basic polymers with appropriate fillers, softeners, processing aids, vulcanisation agents, accelerators and other additives. This procedure enables us to achieve the required material characteristics and to offer standard materials with broad application areas as well as special compounds for highly specific hydraulic applications. The constantly good material characteristics are achieved by the application of consistent compounds. The pressure resistance and extrusion strength of a seal are defined by the seal design, as well as the material and the hardness of the material.

Thermoplastics, rubber/fabric materials and hard fabric materials are very hard in comparison with elastomers (Shore D area) and display no or only little elastic characteristics. For this reason, we have dispensed with stating the hardness.