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Dichtomatik Genova

More than 25 years of sealing experience

Dichtomatik Srl., based in Genoa, is known on the Italian market in particular for the distribution of sealing rings. The sophisticated logistics network constantly connects the Italian branch with the warehouse and logistics hub in Hamburg, but also with all other branches in Europe. A request that cannot be processed locally is sent to the other branches, from where the desired products can be shipped to their destination in a short time. Thanks to the total of 8 warehouses, it is ensured that the requested product finds its way to our customers as quickly as possible, which makes the service absolutely unique in this regard.


DICHTOMATIK S.a.s. di Externa Italia S
Via delle Fabbriche 6/A
16158 Genova-Voltri

Tel.:  +39 010 61275 03
Fax:  +39 010 6133861